Powerful facials that deliver intense, rapid results. Designed to nourish, hydrate and purify the skin for a natural radiant glow.

    $79 | 30min
    Discover what is really going on under the surface of your skin with this in-depth analysis using the Observe technology. Our therapists will cleanse and refresh your skin whilst designing a customised plan to treat specific concerns and restore your skin to optimal health.
    $89 | 25min
    This rapid and effective facial will deliver an intense nourishing burst of hydration leaving your skin plump and perfectly radiant. Ideal to prep the skin for more intensive treatments.
    $99 | 25min
    Buff away tired redundant skin cells with our microdermabrasion treatment. Gently sweeping over the skin to reveal a smooth, clear complexion. If congestion or skin texture is your concern then this is the perfect treatment.
    $109 | 25min
    Our deep cleansing enzyme facial will leave your skin feeling revived and nurtured whilst restoring its natural radiance and beauty. Suitable for all skin types this is a must-have for a healthy complexion.
    $119 | 30min
    A luxurious facial designed to hydrate the skin and reduce the signs of premature ageing. A gentle botanical peel and exfoliating micro provide a refreshing cleanse to the deep layers of the skin before a nourishing mask and relaxing scalp massage complete the experience.
  • GLOW
    $129 | 30min
    Our pomegranate peel is an ideal entry level for all skin types giving maximum glow to even the most sensitive skins. The gentle yet powerful enzymes work their magic to smooth, purify and even skin texture.
    $149 | 50min
    Defeat the signs of ageing with this high performance pumpkin peel and microdermbraision designed to accelerate cellular renewal and restore the skins natural barrier function. Perfect to smooth, hydrate and clarify the complexion for a natural glowing radiance.
  • Shine Like A Star treatment
    $90 I 30mins
    Lactobotanical 20% + Fruit Enzyme Mask: Harnessing the power of L- Lactic Acid, AHA Fruit
    Complex and Fruit Enzymes. This peel helps to remove lifeless skin cells, revealing a smoother,
    more radiant-looking complexion.
  • Christmas Indulgence treatment
    $90 I 30mins
    Lactobotanical 20% + Probiotic Mask: Combining exfoliation and hydrating effects of Lactobotanical
    20% Peel, and a blend of L-Lactic Acid, AHA Fruit Complex and soothing Canadian Willowherb.
    This treatment will refine and smooth the skin texture and deliver luxurious skin quenching benefits.
  • Seasonal Sparkle treatment
    $90 I 30mins
    Lactobotanical 30% + Fruit enzyme Mask: The perfect pick-me-up. This exfoliating clinical treatment
    utilises a powerhouse of enzymes, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Acai Berry and Cranberry to
    refine and visibly brighten the complexion.
  • Advanced Seasonal Indulgence treatment
    $90 I 30mins
    Lactobotanical 30% + Probiotic Mask: Experience intense hydration to reveal acomplexion that
    radiates natural beauty and grace. Starting with Lactobotanical 30% to exfoliate refine and
    hydrate the skin and finish with Probiotic Mask, which combines nourishing Shea Butter with
    a soothing blend of botanical oils including Olive Oil, Argan Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil.